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Personalized music on your mobile phone

Earlier this month Vodafone and Sony teamed up to announce a new music service that will allow customers to access music in tune with their tastes using cell-phones. It won’t be available in the US, but isn’t that only a matter of time?

Check this out:

Vodafone said a key feature of the new service was its personalization system, which would allow customers to customise radio channels to their personal tastes by pressing a button to indicate “like” or “dislike” while listening to a song. If a customer presses dislike, the music skips to the next song, and Sony’s classification will ensure that subsequent radio channels would avoid songs similar to those rejected.

Now this service would be available by subscription. But isn’t it worth subscribing to a service that plays the music YOU like rather than the music most people like you like?

Isn’t it a better investment to subscribe to this than to, say, satellite radio, whose music channels are just radio with more slivers and FEWER of your favorites at any time?

Isn’t it a better investment to subscribe to this than, say, buy a new radio which will not tailor itself to your needs, even if it has 100 HD channels?

What’s the point of music research when every listener personalizes his or her music to his or her own tastes?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Where’s your NON-music content, Mr. Broadcaster?

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