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Radio is great because it moves a lot of listeners at once. The Internet is great because it's so engaging and involving. When you link the two, you often create magic.

And sometimes you also create a revenue opportunity.

Here's one such example with a site called OurStage, which enables music artists from around the country (or around your neighborhood) to compete and be judged by listeners in a scam-proof setting.

Hmm. What happens when you link OurStage to a radio station's audience?

The answer: Your spark some serious listener engagement and you create a sponsorable promotion.

Here's my chat with VP Sales and Business Development Pete Steiner.

Among other things, Pete talks about some of the real-life promotions they have cooked up with radio stations and what the results have been.

This is a good idea for any station where the audience is keen on new and original music.

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