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Opie & Anthony join XM. So…?

Most radio folks think this is much bigger news than I do.

So Opie and Anthony join XM Satellite Radio.

But wait.

How many markets were these guys in?

Most people no doubt assume I’m talking about characters from the Andy Griffith show.

For most of America, Opie and Anthony have yet to be experienced. And if they haven’t been experienced, they’re not an audience or subscriber magnet. They’re the radio version of the movie Clerks. Cult movie. Great appeal among a few. Unknown among the rest.

If you have to sample them to appreciate them, but you have to subscribe before you can sample, then I say the cart is before the horse.

Ideally, Satellite Radio needs to draw from the pool of FAMILIAR STAR personalities whether or not they have a radio show, not UNFAMILIAR STAR ones who once did.

Nothing against O&A, but they’re the low-hanging fruit. Can Bubba the Love Sponge be far behind?

“Who?” you might ask.

Howard Stern…now that’s a totally different story. And one that’s unlikely to happen.

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