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Now, hear2.0 has its own ‘station voice’

I talk a lot about content.

I talk a lot about the magic of radio.

Well, folks, the magic happens between the songs if it happens at all.

Here's a little magic for you.

Introducing the new hear2.0 "station voice."

It's hear2.0's new audio logo. And it's a voice you will recognize.

Particularly if you grew up dazzled by the movies produced by Steven Spielberg.

This new audio logo will front all my podcasts from now on because it sets exactly the tone I'm trying to achieve: Something clever, something special, something different, something familiar, something that sets audio entertainment apart.

Something that could be on your radio station.

Thanks to VOX, Inc. for making my new audio logo possible. Later this week you'll be hearing more about this company in this blog.

Until then, come into the light, Radio.

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