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Nightline goes inside Pandora’s box

Talk about the perfect video news release!

Check out this profile on Pandora and their centerpiece, the "Music Genome Project" from ABC's Nightline. You literally can't buy publicity like this:

About Pandora's planned move to automobiles via their new deal with Ford:  "Like radio, you have to be available everywhere radio is," said the reporter.

"That's radio's genius," replied Pandora founder Tim Westegren.

And indeed it is.  The utility of radio is related in no small part to its ubiquity and its ease of use.

What radio folks don't get about Westegren is that he speaks about music from the perspective of a music lover, not the industry entrepreneur.  And that passion resonates for music fans, roughly fifty million of them at last count.

Westergren doesn't dis radio in this piece – he simply paints the picture of Pandora as it relates to the picture we already have of radio.  That's called "communication."

Note, too, the conversation about the targeting capabilities of online radio's advertising.  This has been one of my regular themes and you will be seeing and hearing and reading a lot more about it over the years to come.  Wake up and get in that line, folks.

Finally, recognize that what fascinates the media is what fascinates the consumer. Pandora is bright and shiny and authentic in its passion.

So should we all be.

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