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New Research on Country Radio Listeners revealed

Here are a couple more research-related tidbits from the Country Radio Seminar.

These are from an online study fielded by the wonderful and insightful gang at Country Radio Specialists Albright & O’Malley (My research company, Mercury Radio Research, had a very tiny bit to do with this study).

Tidbit #1:

Just 41.2% of country radio listeners in the US claim to have “heard of HD radio.” 46% of the total sample didn’t know if special equipment was needed to hear HD radio, while 5.1% believed they could receive HD radio on any radio. Even among those who had heard of HD radio, 82.6% said they were “not very familiar” with the available programming. The survey did reveal this positive fact about HD radio: while small in number, 24% of respondents who had an HD radio experience indicated they would be ‘very likely’ to recommend HD radio to a friend. These respondents were nearly twice as likely to be male.

Tidbit #2:

When it comes to how they would like to participate in radio ratings, Country cumers expressed a stronger interest in carrying an electronic-type device than filling out a paper diary.
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