Morning Shows: “Come For / Stay For”

Here’s one for all you morning shows out there:

When I was chatting with Ricky Gervais (that’s what they do across the pond: Chat) and we were discussing his comedy-writing process, one of the many interesting things he said was regarding his TV hit, The Office:

You come for Brent (Michael in the U.S. version) but stay for Tim and Dawn (Jim and Pam in the U.S. version).

What he means is that what attracts you to the show and what keeps you there are not necessarily the same thing. But the latter can’t be appreciated until you’re already a member of the “club.”

So consider this as you create your own show, day after day: What are the elements, the themes, the story lines, the characters, the magnets that keep listeners stuck to your show? And how are they different from what brings them there in the first place?

It’s what I’ve now coined as the Gervais principle of “Come For / Stay For.”

More smart words to create by from a master funnyman. And if you haven’t heard my chat with Ricky yet, go hear what you’re missing.

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