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Morning Show Blogs – Too Much of a Good Thing?

Now you know I was an early proponent of adding blogs to morning shows. And, in fact, I still am.

TWELVE different blogs for one morning show?

I say when there are as many blogs for your morning show as toothpaste varieties on a supermarket shelf you have way too many blogs!

The purpose of these things isn’t to overwhelm the listener. Nor is the purpose to give voice to every one of the least relevant members of your morning show. The purpose is to boomerang web readers back to the station, to provide a feedback loop for the audience, and to spur word-of-mouth as one listener forwards your blog posts to another.

Tellingly, the station I’m picking on here has neither a feedback loop (no comments are allowed) nor a forwarding capability (send a friend? Not here). A legendary morning show such as this one deserves better.

Perhaps worst of all, there is no point to a blog without an RSS feed for listeners to sign up for the posts automatically. And this station has twelve such lost opportunities.

Sometimes vaguely right can be precisely wrong.

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