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More TiVo for Radio

It’s called Radio YourWayLX and it’s designed to record your favorite radio programs for playback whenever you want. It’s kind of clunky looking and that name is a marketing nightmare, but still.

It’s features include:

– Automatically record radio broadcasts via a daily or weekly timer-function; totally unattended – MP3 Recording- Easily transfer and archive your recordings to a PC or MAC with an available USB port – Record from any audio source (CD, Cassette, or TV etc.) in MP3 format without the use of a PC! – Playback MP3, WMA or RVF files – Use Radio YourWay LX as a portable storage device for data files!

Given that the extremely useful TV DVR’s like TiVo have not yet caught on (I love mine!), one has to wonder whether items like this one has a future.

But if this unit can do it, you have to believe that it will eventually be built into many mp3 player/recorders in the future.

And then you have to wonder if Arbitron’s Personal People Meter will be able to capture the listenership. For example, if I’m recording the radio at home but carrying the meter on my body, will the meter measure the playback from the portable mp3 player later?

Of course, all of this assumes that we as an industry provide content worth recording, and I consider that an open question.

(Thanks to Tod Maffin for the tip)

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