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More precious than Diamond Dave

ALL ACCESS has learned that syndicated morning man DAVID LEE ROTH will not be on-air tomorrow (3/29). CBS affiliates have been notified to make other plans for WEDNESDAY morning. DIAMOND DAVE airs on Talk WFNY/NEW YORK, Talk WYSP/PHILADELPHIA, Talk KLLI/DALLAS, Alternative WBCN/BOSTON, Classic Rock WNCX/CLEVELAND, Active Rock WRKZ/PITTSBURGH, and Alternative WPBZ/WEST PALM BEACH. Stay tuned for more details.

When the final chapter of this story is written (and the t’s are being crossed and i’s dotted now) it will change the way you think about the radio landscape, who your competitors are, and what business we’re all in.

IF you read between the lines.

You heard it here first.

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