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More lessons from “The Apprentice”

If you caught the Trump show “The Apprentice” last week, there were some more lessons in marketing that can apply to the radio industry.

The challenge was to host a tailgate party for Outback Steakhouse. The goal: Sell the most food.

Team 1, the boys, created a spectacle – eating contest, money machine, oodles of cheerleaders, etc. Food was priced to move.

Team 2, the girls, got outmaneuvered on spectacle. Plus, their food was more expensive.

Who do you think won?

The girls, that’s who.

And how did they do it?

While the boys attracted plenty of onlookers, the girls took to the parking lot and visited groups of people rather than waiting for them to come to the Outback spot. They sold delivery, not just food. And delivery translated into more and larger orders for more folks.

The lesson: Low price and a lot of showbiz are not necessarily as motivating as high value.

Consider that next time you hear predictions about the influence of price on sales potential for HD radio. And consider it the next time your competitor undercuts your rate.

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