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More junk research about Satellite Radio

From Radio Ink:

Despite Howard Stern’s move to satellite radio, a nationwide survey conducted by American Media Services indicates that 86% of Americans are not likely to consider the purchase of satellite radio in the future because Stern has left terrestrial radio.

Yet another study quoted from a press release with no inquiry into its basis.

First, consider the source: Amercian Media Services is not an impartial research company. It is a broker of radio stations, and thus has an economic incentive which speaks for itself.

Now, check the facts: Their web site mentions not one word of this study – not even the news release. There’s certainly no way for you to check the methodology, the sample size, or the specific questions asked and how they were worded. If you can’t see the proof how do we even KNOW this study exists?

Then, read between the lines. The release goes on to say:

“We have long suspected that all the national media interest in Stern and satellite radio did not reflect what was going on with the American consumer,” said Ed Seeger, president and CEO of American Media Services. “These are dynamic times for conventional broadcast radio; there are lots of new opportunities with the emerging technologies, and radio has proven again and again that it is here to stay.”

These are the words of someone affirming their point of view through “research.” Not the words of someone investigating a question with clean hands.

One day the trades will evaluate junk research for what it is. But that day is not today.

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