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Media skepticism of HD radio on display

Did a segment on CNBC this morning (as soon as I get it uploaded I’ll share it with you) along with an analyst from Forrester Research. The topic: The future of radio, of course.

One of the questions that sticks in my mind…When the host asked about HD radio this way:

“Why aren’t people talking about HD radio?”

This reflects an interesting – and skeptical – perspective from the very business media that are in the best position to know the facts (whatever those are).

The question was addressed to the Forrester chap, and his answer was something like “they will be.”

My main point in this post, however, is to highlight the degree of skepticism that was evident in the question. Because that speaks volumes about the way the audience (and the media who shape their thinking) sees us.

Contrast that with the headlines in the radio rags: HD2 Full Speed Ahead – and the gap between our perception and that of the market becomes wider.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: HD radio will have to be a “pull” product, not just a “push” one. It’s something listeners will have to want, not something we can force on them.

Plan accordingly.

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