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Maybe commercials don’t matter


Throughout the world, the average adult watched 80 commercials a day in 2003, according to a report, “Seeing Through the Clutter,” released today (Tuesday) by the media agency Initiative, which surveyed 45 countries. The most “cluttered” market was Indonesia where TV watchers saw an average of 852 ads per week in 2003. The U.S. was second on the list with 817 commercials, or 117 per day. The rise was attributed to the viewing public’s increasing interest in cable- and satellite-delivered programs, which generally contain more commercials than over-the-air network telecasts.

So in other words…

Viewers are seeking out programming DESPITE the heavier commercial volume that this programming contains.

Quality – or quantity – of programming outweighs the nagging influence of commercials.

What do you think this suggests about the radio audience’s REAL feeling about commercials, regardless of what they TELL you in your research?

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