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Madison Avenue on the attack

Just read a nasty rant from Ad industry observer Joseph Jaffe about Infinity’s new FM Talk lineup.

There are a few genuinely true points made, including:

FREE does not trump PAID, when the quality of PAID > the quality of FREE (just look towards HBO)

And some remarkably dumb ones, including:

Start by reducing your 8-10 minute pods of irrelevent, untargeted and 100% pure drivel and work your way from there.

(I think that includes the drivel produced and paid for by ad agencies, doesn’t it?)

Or this peculiar critique of Infinity’s Ad Age roadblock, which seems to resent the notion of advertising itself:

Your inferiority complex is so acute, you’ve had to litter an entire publication to convince yourselves (because you’re not convincing us) that things are going to be ok.

(You mean the way a movie studio’s inferiority is so acute they roadblock the TV airwaves prior to opening weekend for a summer blockbuster?)

And this, which couldn’t be more wrong:

When the walls are crumbling and threatening to tumble down, you call in a new painter…instead of levelling the whole damn antiquated format and starting from scratch. This is just like GAP…celebrity doesn’t work, call in a new one. Or in the case of Howard Stern’s defection, change the lineup instead of changing yourselves.

I would call complete format overhauls on dozens of radio stations simultaneously a “change of yourself,” wouldn’t you?

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