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Look who’s podcasting: XM Radio

XM Radio, which is a client of mine, is now podcasting portions of their exclusive content for free.

Why do such a crazy thing, you ask?

Because they’re crazy – like a fox.

Says XM’s Executive VP of Programming Eric Logan:

By making these original XM series available through, iTunes and other popular podcast web sites, millions more consumers have an opportunity to sample some of the best in premium music, news and sports programming that you can only get as an XM subscriber.

Sampling, folks. On-demand.

Just like they do in aisles at Costco.

Because it works.

If you can’t bring the shoppers to the aisle bring the aisle to the shoppers.

Adds Orbitcast:

It’s an interesting move because the traditionally the “satellite radio” moniker went hand-in-hand with “payment” – a majority of the content is meant to be hidden behind the walled garden. Of course, XM has been going against the grain with this concept, what with Bob Edwards and Opie & Anthony being made available on free terrestrial radio…..But XM is leveraging what many believe to be one of its strongest assets: their original programming. It’s not just talk-radio like Opie & Anthony (though there’s a bonus for O&A fans: animated video podcasts) and Bob Edwards, but James Carville, Luke Russert, Mike Krzyzewski, Barry Switzer and exclusive XM programs like “Artist Confidential” and the comedy special “Unmasked” have joined the fray.

Satellite radio can’t very well argue that they’re competing against hundreds of audio alternatives unless they lower the “walls” of that “garden” to actually compete.

You’re going to see more steps like this in the future.

Can a bite-size morsel of Howard Stern be far behind?

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