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Listeners spend a lot more time with Radio than with Pandora, right? Wrong.

So are Pandora listeners lightweights when it comes to the amount of time they spend with Pandora compared with the amount of time radio listeners spend with radio?

Not at all, say the data.

According to the gold standard figures from Ando Media, the average Pandora listener tunes in Pandora for just under one hour per session.

Meanwhile, an Arbitron source tells me the average radio listener to music formats listens to the average music station for….about an hour per day.  When you factor in the other music stations, total listenership to music radio is, on average, about two hours per day.

And guess what, the average Pandora user (I'm talking about the ones who use Pandora, not the ones who register and disappear) has about two listening sessions per day.

So, in other words, the daily usage of Pandora is almost exactly equal to the daily usage of music radio among those who consume each.

So don't let ill-informed yahoos convince you that Pandora and its like are somehow less "sticky" than the average music radio experience.  Nor should you believe that Pandora can hold listeners longer than your music station can.

Pandora sticks like radio does.

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