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Lessons from Tina Fey


Saturday Night Live is enjoying its best ratings in more than a decade.

It’s not because the show is better wall-to-wall than it has been recently. It’s because the show has developed a “hit” that dovetails with the zeitgeist.

The “Tina Fey as Sarah Palin” moments from SNL are watched and re-watched. Shared and Digged. Sought out and showcased.

At a time when the TV industry fears the Internet could be its undoing, we see how the bite-sized replay and community aspects of the net drive attention to SNL well beyond what it would otherwise be.

But it all happens because the bit is that good. It all begins, in other words, with the content. And that begins with the talent.

As some broadcasters strip the guts from their stations, they would be wise to remember that the moments every listener wants to experience again and again, the ones they share with others, the ones that represent bits turned into hits, are based on the extraordinary efforts of extraordinary talent.

Have you nurtured your talent today?

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