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“Killer App”?

If there’s one cliche I wish would be banished from our vocabulary, this is it. The business community seems to have a killer appetite for “killer app.”

In the news:

Cox’s Neil sees HD multicasting as “killer ap” …He’s still waiting for research on how to number HD Radio multicasting channels, but Cox Radio CEO Bob Neil is gung-ho on the new technology. He told analysts during his quarterly conference call that multicasting is the “killer ap” for terrestrial radio’s move to digital. If consumers can get twice as many channels with a new receiver – – and not have to pay a monthly subscription fee – – what’s not to like?”

It’s not an issue of “what’s not to like.” Nor is it a comparison between HD and Satellite.

In fact, it’s an issue of “do I need more music channels or do I pretty much get everything I want right now without the trouble of adding a new radio to the mix and figuring out another piece of technology which doesn’t solve any problem I currently experience.”

And as for the comparison between HD and Satellite, try instread a comparison between HD and radio. Both free. One, I have already. It works. It has lots of variety.

What’s not to like?

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