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Keep it Simple, Stupid

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Fred Jacobs present the results from his recent online survey. If you’re a client of Jacobs Media, I recommend you contact those guys for the summary. It’s very strong.

There was one point Fred made which was incredibly simple but incredibly important at the same time. And that point had to do with the way you send out emails to your database.

Evidently, Fred’s survey solicited interest in one of two ways: Either an email focused on the survey invitation only or an email which covered lots of station stuff – along with a survey invitation.

Now this will strike you as obvious, but it’s important and we violate it every day:

It turns out that the response rate for the email with LOTS of messages was a LOT WORSE than the response rate for the email with only ONE message.

In other words, the more you say the less they hear, the more you write the less they read.

Keep every email simple, keep it limited to one topic at a time.

Keep it clutter free.

Or you’re wasting your time.

(Check out the Jacobs Media website and their blog).

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