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Join an online conference with Marketing Guru Seth Godin

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Here are all the details:

Invisible or Remarkable: Make Something Happen

October 26th and November 16th

It’s easy to get stuck doing the same marketing programs and using the same message every time you talk about your products or services—it’s messaging consistency, right? Now is the time to think about marketing them in a new light.

Seth Godin, author of Permission Marketing and Free Prize Inside, headlines Raindance’s ROI web seminar series for marketing managers and directors. In this web seminar, you will learn that everyone in your company can be part of the marketing department because they can help you determine what aspects of your product are worth talking about. Once you have ‘the big idea’, Seth provides tips for championing it within your organization and seeing it through to the end.

Walk away from this Web seminar with ideas to:

– Create a practical, hands-on vision of where, how and when to identify features of your product or service that stand out – Develop soft innovations—ideas that focus on the essential aspects of your product or service – Identify others in your organization who can contribute to these soft innovations – Learn how to champion your idea and see it through to the end

Go here to register.

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