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Jelli turns Radio into an Engaging Experience

It's one of the coolest things to come along for radio in quite some time.  It's Jelli.

I have written about Jelli before, and you've probably seen items about the company elsewhere.  This is a company you should know more about because it provides a service that can help to transform your music-oriented radio station into something much more.

Jelli is the leading provider of what's called "crowd-sourced radio."  Like it's competitor, LDR, Jelli hands over control of the on-air programming to the audience, and it turns the act of listening to radio into an active, engaging experience – a game.

And in case you didn't know it, games are HUGE.

And they create sponsorship opportunities.

I spoke with Jelli's founder Mike Dougherty about what Jelli is and why that matters (and it matters a LOT).

I think Jelli is one of the greatest innovations to hit radio in the last twenty years.

If your audience is centered under age 35, look into it.

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