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iTunes with Podcasting bows

Everybody’s writing about iTunes adding podcasting functionality, and if you check out the offerings you can see, prominently displayed among them, a bunch of radio content.

This is not surprising.

Apple essentially offers a new distribution system for radio stations and, I presume, a paid-for or traded-for placement on iTunes.

Under this scenario iTunes essentially becomes a new Radio Network, and our best and best-known content is likely to be available there.

Invariably, and as I long ago predicted (much to the chagrin of some), the professional radio stuff will crowd out much of the amateur stuff – not because it’s better necessarily but because it’s got the corporate deal-making machine behind it and the huge advantage of that little thing called “familiarity.”

Along the way, I hope we uncover a new Radio star or two – because everyone I know is desperate to hire him, her, or them.

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