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It’s so easy to be Different – if we care to try


Now this doesn’t look like your typical gas station.

As reported in Seth Godin’s blog, a bouquet of flowers outside a gas station creates “an experience that counts.” As Seth says, “it’s the effort that matters.”

This is no gas station, it’s a “Purple Cow.”

How many times do you settle on “good enough” rather than ask yourself the really hard question: What could I do in this break, this segment, on this station, in this feature, during this weekend, in this newscast, etc. to make my station blossom from the speakers in a way that stands apart from all the rest?

An observation: I find that when I mention such an idea the acceptance for it is usually directly proportional to whether or not it has been heard and done before.

You don’t paint a cow purple by waiting to discover a purple herd.

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