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Is this new Sirius non-satellite radio coming this week?

Teased months ago by Orbitcast, this unit – or one like it – may make it’s debut this week.

It has the ability to share music among friends, download music and upload data, and of course features a Buy Button (via Yahoo). There’s also push-to-talk functionality via a Wi-Fi network as the device has a built-in speaker and microphone. The device allows you to stream SIRIUS content over a Wi-Fi network – not satellite. [The players] should ship this year, carrying the Sirius brand.

Are you figuring this out yet?

When you poo-poo satellite because it has “only” 10-15 million subscribers, you’re viewing a snapshot and a business model in time. You’re not seeing the big picture – nor are you seeing the long term.

Neither XM nor Sirius will be in the “satellite” business much longer. They’re not even in the “satellite” business now.

Add a pinch of exclusive content, a dash of fashion, a smidgeon of WiFi, a cup of nationally known brand, a teaspoon of cooperative automakers, a dollop of VoIP and stir.

And eventually, add a cup of advertising, drain off subscriber fees, sift for objectionable content, bake at 360 degrees and serve.

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