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Is Terrestrial Radio Destined to Die?

Well my answer certainly is “no.”

But things ain’t gonna be the same as they have been historically.

You can hear that opinion and more in the interview I gave, along with the informed opinions of others (including on this segment from the fine Public Radio show Day to Day.

Here’s the intro:

The Federal Communications Commission is expected to decide next week whether satellite radio companies Sirius and X-M can merge. Satellite radio has roughly 20 million listeners, but new technologies are posing a challenge to market shares. Celeste Headlee reports on the development of portable Internet radio. Then NPR’s Alex Cohen gets a primer from Wilson Rothman, an editor at on the difference between leading radio technologies and Madeleine Brand talks with Mark Ramsey, president of Mercury Radio Research, about why the emergence of new technologies won’t spell the end for terrestrial radio.

Check it out. They did a really good job with this piece.

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