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Is Free Wireless Broadband everywhere only a year away?

More than likely.

Free broadband for America has inched closer to reality: The plan, after two years of debate, is finally on the calendar for a full vote by the Federal Communications Commission.  Assuming the plan is approved at the FCC's Dec. 18 meeting, one of the agency's last before President-elect Barack Obama takes office, free broadband could become reality within a year.

There will be a catch or two, of course.  Speed being one (higher speed will be priced at a premium).  But you're looking at the prospect of every car being transformed into an iPhone with wheels.

As Seth Godin told me recently in an interview to be posted in this blog later this week:  

Everything radio has done has been about leveraging a rare piece of spectrum, and the thing we have to acknowledge is that spectrum isn’t rare anymore. So the one asset you built your whole organization on is going away really fast and instead of putting your head in the sand and complaining about that, take advantage of the momentum so that when it does finally disappear, you have something else.

What's the answer?  Seth's is coming later this week.

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