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Introducing Internet Table Radio

So let’s go through the logic.

Radio is concerned about the number of choices provided by Satellite.

So Radio invests heavily in something called HD Radio, which increases the number of radio options, offers the chance for a lot of new format niches to be served, increases the number of venues for advertising dollars, and requires only that listeners buy a new radio.

Alongside HD Radio, and considerably more easily defined, are the kinds of radios which have nothing to do with you and me and the Radio business, which don’t necessarily carry any advertising, which are as passive and easy to use as today’s radio, which possess virtually infinite variety. Plus, these radios also plays the kind of files folks download to their iPods and Windows Media Players.

Let’s see, which would I rather purchase?

Or the the world’s first streaming media device capable of accessing over 99% of internet radio stations broadcast on-line anywhere in the world. With no subscription to pay, no signal coverage problems and no international content boundaries.

Which is likely to be the cooler gadget among music fans? Which is likelier to be an easier sell?

How do you feel about your music position now?

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