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Internet Radio on your iPod

Now your station can compete not only with the 30 or so in your market, but with thousands – tens of thousands – of others worldwide that just happen to stream their programming like you do.

And, best of all, you can plug in your iPod at night, wake up in the morning to a full menu of radio choices handily recorded, and skip commercials (if there are any) and bad songs to your heart’s content.

It’s iFill, and it’s all for a mere $20 from Griffin Technology.

Your iPod has just become the radio equivalent of a DVR.

Pretty interesting. If anybody tries this. let me know how it works.

It may be a bit complicated at this point, but imagine this as standard iPod equipment and it’s time for your nightmare to commence.

By the way, when you wake up to an iPod full of your custom selection of whatever variety of radio stations – real or virtual, local or national or international – you want, and you do it for $20 in market-standard mp3 sound quality, tell me why consumers should buy an HD Radio.

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