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Internet Radio behind the wheel

Regular readers of this blog may remember my post about Autonet, “The First Internet Service Provider Specifically Designed for Cars.”

Well, it’s available now – in the form of AVIS Connect at the San Francisco and San Jose International Airports. And presumably coming to an airport near you.

By turning your car into a hotspot, Autonet Mobile is taking just about everything you can do on your home PC and putting it in your back seat. It’s starting with Avis Rent-A-Cars for $10.95 a day, but eventually it wants to put a wireless connection in every car.

Besides allowing you to tap the net on your laptop, Autonet also connects various mobile WiFi-enabled mp3 players to the Internet – and there will be only more of those in the future.

And what do you call a WiFi-enabled mobile music player that is tethered to your car and facilitates music discovery?

You call it “radio,” of course.

And you were worried about satellite.

A threat today? No, not nearly. But within five years…

Of course, that could be YOUR station they’re streaming.

Assuming you’re streaming.

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