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Inside Pandora’s Sales Strategy

It's one of the darlings of the streaming media world.  Of course, I'm talking about Pandora.

As many folks know, Pandora is getting ever-more aggressive in monetizing its remarkably vast and diverse audience, though always with an ear to the listener experience and the un-radio nature of the medium itself.

Recently, I talked with my old friend Doug Sterne.  Doug is Director of Audio Sales at Pandora and one of the executives spearheading their monetization efforts.

It's important that everybody in the wireless audio space (and that includes you, radio) understands what Pandora is doing, because it's a mix of mass and targeting and metrics and effectiveness that is very much in line with where the marketing world is heading….


Not only that, but we also learn that founder Tim Westergren doesn't wear a tie – but does wear pants.

You can reach Doug Sterne directly here.

Coming soon:  Some bombshells about just where Pandora stands in the ranking of streaming radio brands.

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