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Infinity’s “All Podcast” format bows in May

What do you do if you have a struggling AM station in the tech-obsessed Bay area?

Why, hand it over to Podcasters, of course! And that’s exactly what Infinity Broadcasting is doing on KYOU-AM.

It will be the very first “all-Podcast” radio station, and it’s an incredibly smart idea on many levels:

1. It’s exactly the kind of “news” that generates massive PR, all of it positive. 2. It will be a terrific laboratory for all those whiners who (rightly) complain that there’s not enough talent on the radio now 3. Out of it will come fresh programming concepts and future radio stars 4. It may even – gasp! – generate more ratings than they had previously 5. It will be the cheapest damn radio station to run ever. All the content is provided for free (although if the providers are smart they will not trade away the lifetime value of that content just to get it on the radio in the short run)

While I doubt this will be a new trend, it certainly could be. And in any event it’s an apt answer to those who complain that Radio is slow and boring and bland and vanilla and suffocated by corporate greed. Because it’s thanks to one of Radio’s biggest companies that this experiment is taking place at all.

(Thanks to Todd Storch for the tip)

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