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“Indecency” is now a Marketing Opportunity

Sad to say. But true.

From Radio Ink:

Radio Show Offers “Zero Tolerance” Guarantee

“Backtrax USA” is claiming to be the first nationally syndicated radio show to offer a “Zero Tolerance Indecency Guarantee.”

Executive Producer Kathy Gilbert noted, “We’re putting our money where (host) Kid Kelly’s mouth is. We’re very aware of the heightened scrutiny by the FCC and the new initiatives being implemented by many of the companies that we do business with, including Clear Channel, Infinity, Emmis and others. Since we began the show 12 years ago, we’ve served our target audience by being family-friendly and not airing offensive material. However, we want to offer further assurances to the listeners and radio community as we venture forward in further defining the standards for indecency.”

Explaining the show’s indecency guarantee, Gilbert says, “We’re promising our affiliates that we will not cross the FCC’s line for indecency in any of the communities that we serve. Furthermore, we’ll cover any FCC fines and/or penalties assessed against any of our 400 affiliates for any indecent material found to have been broadcast during our show. We challenge other syndication companies to raise their bar as well and offer a similar guarantee.”

The 80s music show began in 1992 and is on in nine of the top 10 markets in the country.

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