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In Praise of Imperfection

The most interesting characters on TV and in the movies are imperfect.

The most interesting friends you have are somehow quirky.

The forest is cluttered with organic inspirations chaotically organized according to natural principles.

Not only is “perfection” inhuman, but it’s unnatural.

So why do we seek it out so relentlessly in our research and programming?

If it’s the edges of life that make life interesting, why is our inclination to sand off those edges wherever possible?

The JACK format is all about edges. What is a “wow” song but a three-and-a-half minute imperfection?

In fact, any format or element of your station that people are likely to talk about is buzz-worthy because of its edge, its imperfection.

Embrace and welcome your imperfections. Build them in. Encourage them.

They are the spice which makes the otherwise bland food so very, very tasty.

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