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In praise of Content

If Radio were the Cowardly Lion, it’s content he’d be seeking, not courage.

What is it that makes Howard Stern Sirius’s $100 million man?


What is it that makes Seinfeld worth millions in repeats and on DVD while repeats of your average high-rated Reality show are virtually worthless and any potential DVD revenue is trivial?


What makes the good movies into great ones and the great ones into timeless classics?


Why did our parents and grandparents circle around the radio to listen to The Shadow and the Jack Benny show and Bob and Ray?


What is it that no "less is more" policy can provide? What can no music quantity statement fix? What can no magical mix of music concoct?


If we as an industry don’t stop thinking in terms of music and start thinking in terms of content, we will become an increasingly marginal component of the consumer’s entertainment array. We will become increasingly irrelevant.

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