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In Marketing, Ignorance is not Bliss

I have a friend who’s a Sirius satellite radio subscriber.

Nobody at Sirius has ever asked her opinions about the service or what she listens to and why.

She has purchased multiple subscriptions, but with each purchase nobody at Sirius has ever asked the reason (wouldn’t it be easy to ask why every sub buys a new subscription?).

Among other things, She’d usually catch the Deepak Chopra show on Saturdays.

Evidently, Chopra has been in “Best Of” repeats for the past two months or so.

She wrote customer service, asking when he was returning from vacation.

They told her they didn’t know, but that she should email Chopra’s show directly.

But there is no direct email or phone number to Chopra’s show on the Sirius website. Just the phone number to call when you want to chat with Chopra on-air.

She wrote back to customer service explaining this, which they should have known already. They replied that they didn’t know “when or if” Chopra was returning, even though who will possibly know if “customer service” doesn’t? And wouldn’t it be terribly easy for them to find out?

After a week of emails, she still doesn’t know about the fate of one of her favorite shows.

And Sirius doesn’t know what she listens to or why she listens and keeps buying new subs.

Is this “customer service”?

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