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If it’s good enough for the Home Shopping Network…

I don’t usually learn anything about business from TV’s The Apprentice, but last week was different.

The apprentices were working to sell merchandise on the Home Shopping Network or QVC or whatever it was. And we, the viewers, watched the monitors which revealed call volume – a.k.a. sales – as they pitched their wares.

Interestingly, and very much in line with what I’ve been writing about in this space, sales spiked at two different times during their 15 minute pitch:

1. When the sellers demonstrated that the product actually worked, i.e., PROVED the performance of the product. 2. When happy customers called up to offer a TESTIMONIAL for the product

PROOF – two kinds. Both compelling enough to move the needle big-time.

Think about that next time you wonder why your TV spot didn’t work

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