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iConfused in Radioland

It is astonishing to me that so many folks in the radio industry are missing the point of Apple’s iPod radio tuner add-on completely.

The vast majority of listening to iPods – even for those few folks who buy or otherwise get the tuner add-ons – is to their own mix of music, not yours.

So by handing out these tuner add-ons and effectively promoting iPods you are doing yourselves no favors. You would be better off promoting the programming you podcast that can already be downloaded to ALL iPods – not just the ones with the add-on. Because then you’re pitching your own content on a new and popular platform.

In effect (not by design, I’m sure), Apple is trying to draw you into their web. Then they will install an FM transmitter INSIDE every iPod – not as an add-on – and they will turn the tables on you.

When every iPod owner can easily transmit their music to the radio, the definition of “radio” will be what you listen to on your iPod, not vice versa. Do you get it?

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