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How Your Most Influential Listeners Behave

Your customer evangelists are typically Internet junkies, too. Putting your best foot forward online is essential to winning the hearts and minds of frequent-forwarders.

That’s among the findings of recent work by and RoperASW, which tracks the 10% of the population that shapes the attitudes and behaviors of the other 90%. Roper calls them “influentials.”

Other findings include:

* 77% of influentials have Internet access, compared to 50% of the general population. * 67% of online influentials are asked for or forward advice and information about products and services. * Online influentials who forward advice about product and services do so to an average of 5-20 people.

In a B-to-B study, researchers found that:

* 77% of business decision makers recommended the Internet as the best place to discover new products or companies.

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