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How to sell a radio

Selling a radio.

That’s exactly what the industry needs to do to make a success of HD radio.

But how do you do it?

You make the radio unique and you make it essential, that’s how.

And that’s not only a function of content, it’s a function of design. Don’t discount either element, because when you buy a radio you’re really buying both it’s content and its design – both represent what the product can do for you. Both are central to the user experience.

For proof, look no further than this new radio, co-branded with the Red Cross. “The definition of necessity.”

Now that’s a radio that’s different.

Finally, you let folks know it’s there. Witness the half-page ad for this radio in today’s USA Today, just a few short weeks ahead of the beginning of hurricane season.

And memo to the industry: If it’s a cool piece of equipment you’re selling, it helps to SEE it.

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