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How to Ruin a Brand Image in One Easy Lesson

Musicians charge freeloading by Clear Channel/Fox

A website for recording artists and their labels,, reports complaints by several musicians and their managers that Clear Channel Communications is trying to make big bucks off its annual Jingle Ball concert in LA, which normally raises money for charity. The change this year, they claim, is that Clear Channel wants to film the show to air it on the Fox Network. The web report claims that artists are being asked to sign waivers for their performance fees for the telecast, as well as the live concert – – but with no indication of where the profits from the TV show will be going. “If Clear Channel and Fox are going to funnel TV revenues to charities, they have yet to let the artists, their managers and labels know – – at least not the ones who have contacted MusicBiz,” the website reported. RBR also sought to get comment from Clear Channel Regional VP Roy Laughlin, but he did not return our phone calls.

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