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How to move an HD Radio

Finally, somebody who knows how to market an HD Radio.

I’m not talking about our industry here. I’m talking about Tweeter, Crutchfield, and ABC Warehouse, two of which are the first brick-and-mortar retailers of HD Radio.

The radio spots from all three of these retailers are far better than the ones designed to promote the “awareness” of HD Radio (or High Def HD Radio or HD Digital Radio or whatever it’s called from one spot to the next).

Granted, these are all mid- to high-end electronics retailers, far from the mass market of Best Buy, Circuit City, and Wal*Mart. They’re far from a national footprint in neighborhoods everywhere. And even farther from the cars and clock radios that must eventually contain these radios as if no other kind ever existed. But a start is a start. And if radio is smart, we’ll be running their spots for free.

Because a spot that may actually put a consumer in the proximity of an HD Radio is better than a start.

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