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How to Make Money from Online Radio

Online radio continues to grow as a viable category for audiences and advertisers alike. 

As we plug along in our efforts to fully monetize this medium we need to recognize something critically important:

Online radio is not simply radio online.

In other words, we need to take advantage of the novel capabilities of the digital medium as we build our online radio strategies and not think of the medium simply as the over-the-air signal repurposed.

One (and only one) of the novel capabilities baked into the digital environment is the ability to efficiently target by matching consumers to the messages that are most relevant for them.

I should say it's potentially baked into this environment, because the vast majority of radio companies are surrendering this power and the significant monetization value this capability represents.

And that's because they are not requiring registration to their websites and/or streams.

Listen to this chat with AndoMedia Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Reynolds, who paints a picture of tremendous upside – but only if we act.

Reality check:

Pandora has 100% of their users registered.

How many of yours are?

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