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How to Make BUZZ Work

Some buzz-building secrets from the folks at Bzzagent, as reported in the Brand Autopsy blog.

Main points:

– Buzz works best between acquaintances, not close friends. That’s because close friends are generally part of the same social network. Building buzz requires new groups of potential fans, and that means fresh social networks. It’s the acquaintances, the folks on the edge of your close social group, that are the links to new networks. Thus, buzz depends not just on friends telling friends, but on friends telling acquaintances.

– The most powerful Buzz comes from infecting those marginally loyal to your station, not the big fans. The big fans have given you all they have – it’s the marginal ones you need to touch in order to get effective buzz spreading.

– Big Buzz comes from acquaintances with lots of friends (obvious, I know, but comforting nonetheless).

A two-page summary of the study is here.

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