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How to Attract Gen Y

You know Gen Y, right?

Those are the folks now in their teens and twenties who are doing their best to up-end every aspect of media we used to take for granted.  God bless them.

But do you get their attention for your radio brand?

Here's some advice from Gen-Y personal branding guru Dan Schabel:

– Listen to them carefully and analyze their behavior. 

– Ask them how they want to be contacted before sending out a mass mailing or poking them on Facebook. 

– Be creative with your marketing because that's the only way you will attract them to your product or company. 

– Reward them with incentives and they'll come knocking on your door because they were raised to feel special by their parents. 

– Develop content they can share because they are already active online and have their own channels of distribution. 

– Recruit them to help you with your marketing to other Gen Yers.

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