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How Anti-Satellite Radio Spots Backfire

This is a story.

It’s about a TV reporter in Tampa who is driving around town listening to the radio, when he hears one of the anti-Sat Radio spots that are currently circulating through the industry.

Hmm, he thought, haven’t heard THAT before.

He wants to do a TV news story on this topic.

So he calls yours truly.

“What about this do you consider newsworthy?” I asked him.

“Well,” he replied, “When I heard it I wondered what Radio was afraid of. It intrigued me.”

End result: A TV news story in Tampa about a radio station running anti-Sat Radio spots.

End result: Lots of publicity for Satellite Radio. Lots of folks who didn’t even hear the spots now know about Satellite Radio and know that at least some radio stations are afraid of it.

End result: Backfire, just as I predicted.

How much more free publicity would you like to give the Satellite Radio industry, broadcasters? How many more folks would you like to send to XM and SIRIUS?

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