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How Accountable is Your Advertising?

And unless our thinking changes, it ain’t pretty.

“Accountability of marketing expenditures” is the phrase you’re going to be hearing a lot more of in the coming months and years.

This article urges ad agencies to abandon their “addiction” to TV and put the client’s interests first. After all, the job of advertising is to move product, not create pretty pictures.

For us in Radio, accountability is likewise a concern. Whether we’re spending on marketing or receiving money to market somebody else’s wares, where’s the proof that all this money is reaping returns?

How can you prove that every dollar you spend yields more than a dollar of revenue?

How can your clients prove that advertising on your station makes them more money? If you can help show your clients that your advertising actually works, you’ll obviously get a lot more of their business.

Why do we spend so much time selling and so little time PROVING?

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