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Hope for old-fashioned Radio

Read between the lines of this story.

A survey of folks who were given digital video recorders showed that 57% actually RETURNED them because they didn’t want them.

These were the “non-early adopters” the Joe and Jane Average of the world.

Now speaking as an owner of a DVR I think anybody who doesn’t value what that machine provides must be out of their mind. But that just goes to show you the gap between people who adopt progressive technological solutions and those who refuse them.

Despite the growth of Satellite Radio, iPods and Podcasting, WiFi audio streaming, WiMax, HD and all the other technologies which stand as threats to Radio, it’s good to be reminded that in the final analysis Joe and Jane Average may simply not want to be bothered.

For them, the way it has always been may be just fine.

And those, my friends, are the quite possibly the vast majority of your listeners.

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