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This past week Spinal Tap and The Simpsons vet Harry Shearer opened his public radio show, Le Show, with a reference to my comments on

How it is that my little quotation merited the opening of Harry’s show, I’ll never know.

I’m a regular listener to the podcast version of Le Show and a fan, so I was tickled when Harry said “sometimes radio loses its way and has to put out a call to a consultant…who puts us back on track.”

Here it comes….

Quoting my conventional wisdom raised to oracle status: “‘The stuff between the records is what’s key, it’s what separates us from iPods.'”

Added Harry: “The stuff BETWEEN the records – why didn’t I think of that?”

Harry’s show is, of course, all between the records and all good stuff. And Harry’s right, this is obvious.

Or is it?

As is often the case, Harry, it’s the notions you and I take for granted that turn out to be so widely ignored.

Believe it or not.

Check out Harry’s show for yourself [in Real Media]. And enjoy.

And Harry, if you need some listener research, call me.

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