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Hey advertisers, sound can move your product or service

The recently established sensory communications group Brand Sense Agency said it was “extraordinary” that 83% of all commercial communication was visual because 75% of our emotions were influenced by what we smell, while there was a 65% chance our mood would change when we hear a new sound.

The implications of using the medium of sound in radio are, remarkably, lost on lots of us in this industry – and lost on the folks creating radio advertising.

“Sound” doesn’t necessarily mean a talking or screaming head.

“Sound” doesn’t necessarily mean music.

“Sound” doesn’t necessarily mean a clever production montage.

Consider what kinds of sounds will change the mood of your audience, because their mood determines what they listen to and what they buy. What will help your radio station deliver the benefit it’s designed to deliver? What sounds will help your clients move their products or services?

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